You just found your new favorite food truck

We are a scratch-made mobile restaurant. We constantly update our menus to keep things fun and interesting. We do way more than just sandwiches. We are a mobile gastropub with a family feel so come be a part of the family!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be made gluten free (Celiac friendly)?
We run a completely gluten-free dedicated fryer. We carry separate cutting boards, knives, and utensils to avoid any cross contamination. Gluten-free bread is available. 
**When serving at Holidaily Brewing Company, we are 100% dedicated gluten-free*

Do we Cater? 
We Do! Please check our schedule page to see if we have a date available. We fully customize our menus and are able to make any event happen. 

What Oil do we use in our fryer? 

Do we have a second location or a Brick & Mortar?
We currently only have one truck, please check our schedule page for the trucks location. 


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